Emotional and Romantic Columbus Park Refectory Wedding | Emily + Joe


Emily + Joe made me feel like family from our first meeting. They are both so funny and warm- just as quick with a joke that will leave you crying from laughter as they are with a sincere compliment. Everyone in their life obviously feels the same way about them, yet these humble lovebirds somehow still seemed genuinely surprised at the outpouring of love thrown their way on their wedding day at Columbus Park Refectory. 

The bride and groom each had a mixed gender wedding party, but the friends standing up with Emily could have easily stood on Joe’s side, and vice versa. During their beautiful ceremony, one of the funniest I’ve ever witnessed (just check out those reaction faces!), their officiant said that “Joe is ‘nice’ in the way that the Grand Canyon is ‘a big hole in the ground.’” Nice barely begins to scratch the surface of all that he is. The best part? This could just as easily be said for Emily. Multiple times throughout the day, other vendors asked me how long Emily and I had been friends, assuming we must have known each other for years. This is less a humble brag on how awesome my clients are, and more a testament to how great Emily is as a person. This gorgeous bride was styled beautifully, too, with her signature bold lip and a perfectly tailored flowing gown with touches of lace and a low dipping back, carrying a bouquet assemble by her mom and wrapped in a piece of her grandmother’s wedding dress.  Joe, along with the other men in their families and wedding party, rocked a blue suit and a perfectly on-trend floral print tie.  Their timeless outfits were accessorized with the huge smiles they wore all day.

Emily + Joe are quick with a laugh and on their wedding day, were even quicker with tears of joy. There are few words to describe the warmth that exudes out of both of them, and the way that they love each other reminds me why I do this- Emily + Joe are two hilarious, kind and loving humans who are truly better as a team, dancing their way through life together.   Seriously…so much dancing. I am so grateful they chose me to tell their love story.

Thank you, Emily + Joe for the laughs, fun, and friendship. 


The Details

Groom Getting Ready: Carleton Hotel
Bride Getting Ready:
Air Bnb
VenueColumbus Park Refectory
Florals: Bulk order from Steve’s Flower Market
Emily’s Dress: Simply Luxe Bridal
Kari Ellis, Haute Hairstyle
Gina Giordao, Makeup by Elle Coco
Cake: Urban Icing
Music: Oliver Fuentes,  Epic DJ’s
Blue Plate