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“Where are you located?”
I live in Chicago, IL, but for you, I’ll go anywhere. Throughout the year, I also frequent Austin, TX and my OG hometown Cleveland, OH.

“But AJ, how do I know if we’re a good fit?!”
My clients are down-to-earth, fun, silly, sarcastic, and pretty stoked to have found their person; the kind of folks I'd be happy to call friends, and to wedding plan with over coffee or tacos or a cocktail or three. If you value honesty, lightening-fast communication, and a hands-on approach in your experience, paired with intimacy, candid moments, and lots of laughter in your photography, I’m your girl!

“Do you shoot elopements sessions & non-traditional weddings?”
I freakin’ love to take gorgeous photos of my rad clients, wherever that may take you lovebirds- especially if it's to the mountains, to the beach or to your favorite hidden spot in your neighborhood. Hella bonus points if it’s somewhere I’ve never been, or somewhere with reallllly good food. I'd love to travel with you and to document your first adventures as a married couple- even if that just means a trip to city hall!

“Let’s talk money!”
Talking about money is the least fun part of planning your wedding, so I try to keep it super straight forward. No two weddings are the same, so I don’t treat them like they are. Custom packages, custom pricing, every time. My wedding day packages typically start at $2700, with elopement and courthouse coverage starting at $1000. I’d love to chat with you about your wedding day, your budget and what you need!

“How long does it take to get my photos?”
I have a hard time waiting for my food to be delivered, so I know you’ll be eager to get your images in your inbox after your wedding! That’s why I do next day previews, a preview blog post within 2 weeks of your wedding, and your online, password-protected gallery within 90 days or less!

“Do I get all of my photos?”
Um, duh! I took them for you, so I want you to have them. You’ll be swimming in awesome photos of your wedding day before you know it. The only ones I don’t deliver are the mid-blinks, the duplicates, the blurry ones, or the unflattering frames that you don’t want anyway!

“What about vendor recommendations, got any of those?”
HELL YEAH I DO! I’ve been shooting weddings in Chicago for almost a decade, so if they create gorgeous floral arrangements, plan epic parties, design dope invitations, or sell those sparkly shoes you’re looking for, I’ve probably worked with them. I’m always happy to recommend amazing vendors so that my clients have the best team ever behind them on the best day ever.

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